Spending password in Yoroi

Got hit by this too. Weird.

Resolved it by creating another wallet in Yori, using the same recovery phrase, and a different name, without deleting the existing wallet. This then asks you to set a spending password, there is no other. You can then remove the other wallet. You’ll see that both have the same ID displayed under the name.

The only funny was that it took a short while to realise that the wallet was staked, but it soon caught up.

Have confirmed that I can now send ADA with the new wallet/spending password.

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So thanks for this. Had same issue and resolved.

However the simplest way is as follows:

You can do this only if you have your recovery phrase.

Add Wallet > Restore Wallet > Select wallet type (15 or 24 words) > Enter your recovery phrase (each word separated by a space) > Confirm > Set the new wallet Name and your new Spending Password.

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Thank you for this! How long does it take for the fund to transfer… I’m receiving sync errors ?

Not sure I understand your question. There are no funds to transfer.

You simply reset the spending password by recovering your wallet.

Dat heb ik ook gedaan, maar ben nu mijn ADA kwijt. Waar staan deze en hoe kan ik ze terughalen?

You must find out if from the Yoroi wallet you can see or have access to your 15 words. That is something they should implement in Yoroi, just like in other wallets.

I have reinstalled yoroi with new spending password to buy nft however still saying incorrect spending password. Does anyone have solution ? My password was original word but uninstall anyway and still have problem !

I did that and now I’m fuck, now no spending pass no 15 letters no nothing bye 1000€

It’s just “the password.” To call it “the spending password” is a poor design choice on Yoroi’s part, since it implies something beyond a basic password.
I too found it confusing.