Yoroi wallet have recovery phrase can't remember spend password

Sorry, I’m just kind of in crisis right now. Any help? Someone just tell me everything is going to be alright.


If you have the seed words but you can’t remember the spending password, you can restore your wallet.
But only if you have the correct seed words… if you are using yoroi chrome extension, you can for example to restore in mozzila firefox, if in mozila firefox extension your balance is available after restore, uninstal firefox extension, delete wallet from yoroi chrome extension and restore the wallet.



Thanks for replying so fast man. I promise in the future I will be more of a contribution lol. I just went to do a test run tonight and realized I can’t remember it. I’m going to think on it for a few days. I’m using the yoroi phone app. Too I login with biometrics so do I need to find a user name and password for that too? When I reload the wallet it should let me reset the spend code? Sorry sure you are getting this a lot right now.

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I have the same application, and yes, I also use the fingerprint for access…

in order to restart your wallet u must verify that your seed words is correct…and you can do this by open google chrome and install yoroi extension (be careful to other possible scam applications). After this try to restore your wallet and check if your balance is available… if yes then delete the wallet from mobile app and restore it again

At the end, uninstall yoroi chrome extension


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Thank you so much Alex. Hopefully I will have this resolved shortly. I was on the verge of developing an arrythmia😬


No worries you will be fine, after you will solve it, I will wait you to delegate :slight_smile:


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Back in business! Hey quick question do you “withdraw” your rewards then just stay registered to your pool? Or do you just leave the rewards in there? Shouldn’t really make a difference right?

And thank you again man. I really don’t think you understand how better hearing an actual person say it’s all going to be alright, made me feel. I really appreciate it.

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I don’t remember well but u must press withdraw and the u shoud have an option to remain delegated to the pool… or something like that… press and read… should not be hard to understand

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Hi Alex,
My partner has forgotten her spending password but has the 15 seed phrase. Before deleting anything, is there a way to test the 15 phrase words are correct?

btw, on a similar issue I was in a real panic about the 15 seed phrase and spending password as I have no recollection of setting them up, but I’m able to send ADA and it doesn’t ask me for the spending password. I use Ledger X, I’m confused why I don’t get asked that but she has just been asked for it.


If you are comfortable with adalite.io, you can test the seed phrase there. It should open the same wallet. (And Adalite should not send the seed phrase to their server, but only work with it inside your browser.)

If you don’t want to trust adalite.io (or ccvault.io which is a similar webapp wallet), you can also install Yoroi in another browser, on another computer, on a smartphone, … and test the seed phrase there.

If you use a hardware wallet like the Ledger X, that hardware wallet replaces the seed phrase as well as the spending password. No secrets are saved in Yoroi anymore, so it does not need a spending password to encrypt and decrypt them. Instead every transaction has to be confirmed on the Ledger. But you should have the 24-word seed phrase for the Ledger itself, in case it gets broken.

Or u can try to restore the same wallet on yoroi, u should receive an error like “the wallet already exist”

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Thanks HeptaSean

Thank you to kind sir

Hello all. What if you know your spending password and misplaced/lost your seed phrase. Long story short is I did a back up restore on my iOS phone and it wiped my login data on my app for some reason. I can’t find the seed phrase I wrote down and I am delegating my ada to a stake pool currently. In short, can I get into my wallet with my spending password somehow?

The spending password is used by the wallet app to locally encrypt the master key of your wallet. If that is gone/wiped out, the spending password alone would unfortunately not help you much.

Best option: Find the seed phrase somewhere. If you know you wrote it down, it might still be somewhere. We regularly get “found it” messages, here, days or longer later.

Second best option: Depending on what is meant by “wiped my login data”, you might be able to still get to the data on the iPhone.

Did you have that wallet imported somewhere else (Desktop, other wallet app than Yoroi)?

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Thanks for the quick response. No I just had the seed phrase written down and think I might have lost it when I restored my wallet about 3 weeks ago. I was reckless and do not remember where I stored it. I have turned the house upside down looking for it. I did send a portion to my nami wallet but the bulk of my ada is in my Yoroi wallet.

So in my phone I use the Yoroi app and I needed to do a backup restore. When the phone restored, the app is asking to add a wallet. My wallet info was erased.

Quite possible that they deliberately excluded the wallets from backup, so that they don’t float around on iCloud etc. without the user noticing it.

There seem to be some tools to recover deleted app data on the phone itself. But that is more of an iOS than of a Cardano question.

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Happy to announce… I found it… :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:. Never will make that mistake again. Ohh sweet baby Jesus the joy. :joy:

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