15-word mnemonic phrase for Yoroi wallet

My phone died and i did not back up the mnemonic phrase of my Yoroi wallet that holds my ADA anywhere else. I don’t have my spending password either. Is there a solution to this problem? Serious answers only please. Thanks for your time in advance.


I’am afraid no, u can restore the wallet with the 15 seed words only :frowning:

Try to fix the old phone or try to find the seed words… u should have it somewhere because u couldn’t complete the wallet installation without them written somewhere (a picture, on a paper, etc)



Thanks for the quick response. The phone is not fixable and I don’t have a picture of the seed phrase anywhere else. To not be able to recover my funds some other way is an almost unbelievable scenario. If I can’t recover funds that are rightly mine then this type of investment is definitely not for me. I suspect there are many others that feel this way. I’d say good luck to all that contributed to this project but you know…

But, u have the picture of the seed words in the old phone?

The phone is dead. It is not operational in the least.

But no cloud bkp for files? Anyway… as I said before without the seed words u can’t restore the wallet

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Amazing. Good luck to all with this very interesting project.

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The only silver lining from this nightmare scenario is that I haven’t invested more in what is a more of an investor unfriendly project than I first realised.

yes but they warned you and u acknowledged the risk


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Hi @krestivo ,

I am so sorry to hear that. Hope you wrote down the seed phrase in a paper in the past. I know that this is a painful experience. Wish you all the best.

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Appreciate the sentiment but that doesn’t help.

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Good luck raising funds for your project if that’s the attitude you and your colleagues are taking.

if you cant manage to save your words on paper then crypto is definitely not for you. The fact that nobody can recover your account but you is the whole point. You are your own bank. that means you cant put all your eggs in a picture on your phone. nor should you have ever even taken a picture of the words to begin with. as anyone with that picture or who hacked the phone could steal your funds without your spending password. i mean google takes all those images im sure. Any crypto project is like this it has nothing to do with the project. You were reckless, and you paid for it. Its not unthinkable that your phone would break its actually happens all the time. hence why you dont do that.