Restoring Yoroi Wallet

im trying to restore my yoroi wallet on a new laptop… i’ve installed the yoroi chome extension on my brave browser, and proceed to restore my yoroi wallet. I followed the sequence below:

restore wallet - cardano - enter 15 word phrase - standard wallet

after entering wallet name, recover phrase and spending password, i cant click on the restore wallet button, as its grey out.

Anybody can help?

Sounds like you have an error in your seed phrase.

(It cannot be the spending password. A new spending password is set at each restore/import. It is only there to secure your wallet, while it is in one Yoroi instance.)

im pretty sure i have the correct seed phrase, coz i’ve snapped it with my spare phone, which is not on any phone network or access.

I’ve also tried creating a test Yoroi wallet on my new laptop, jotted down the new phrase, proceed to remove the Yoroi wallet extension, restart laptop and reinstall the Yoroi extension, and then trying to restore this test yoroi wallet, same problem. Restore wallet button is greyed out…

Okay, very simple thing: You do acknowledge each of the single words, when they are proposed by Yoroi, don’t you?

Yoroi lets you input all the words with spaces in the field for the first word, but that won’t work at all.

Does the border of the Recovery phrase box stay red?

To make it visual:

This is how it looks like correctly:

This is how it looks like if you put everything in the field for one word:

And this is how it looks like if you have an error in your phrase:

i think i got it all work out… thanks to you reminding me about acknowledging each single words…

should hit “enter” key instead of hitting “space bar” after each phrase word. Yoroi should have include a note to hit enter instead.

anyway, its all good now. thank you for your time… much appreciated!

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Or they could just make space also acknowledge the word. …

It’s not the best UI. Totally agreed.

It’s not a good idea to snap the passphrase on a phone. If it’s an iPhone, the image goes to iCloud without you knowing. It gets worse as Apple can see the file. Can tpu make the pictures public? If you can, that’s very bad.

Plese delete the photo AFTER you have written the seed phrase down as recommended. And keep it safe.

Well, I tend to believe this:

No SIM card and no wifi? I still recommend writing everything down? Every word, some have managed to miss one word or the spending pasword. Better yet, use a hardware wallet, definitely of you have, say, 1000 Ada or more. You may have noticed that people suddenly find that their sw wallet has been drained.

That is actually a reason for using a photo. You cannot forget or mistype a word when taking it.

Yes, due to automatic backups and stuff you should normally not do that, but why lecture someone who explicitly made clear they know that and used a non-connected phone?

Why should anyone backup the spending password?

Well, at least, if the picture is good, you can see the seed phrase. But are you sure the memory will work x years from now?

There was this guy that had bitcoin and his keys were stored on a single usb stick. It worked well until one day, I think he wanted to brag, he found that his usb stick would not mount. Absolute disaster.

I don’t use yoroi but I’m pretty sure you can’t transfer if you don’t enter the spending password. All is not lost, you can recreate the wallet and get a new one.

Stiil, a hardware wallet is your best option.

And since you can restore/import with just the seed phrase and decide on a totally new spending password, you absolutely do not need to backup it together with the seed phrase. Of course, you can put it in some password manager to not have to regularly restore, but for the emergency backup it’s not needed at all.

Do you have shares in Ledger SAS or something?

Nope, but I have two ledgers and I think cryptocurrency should be as protected as your bank account. In Sweden, that means a hardware token. There’s no other way to access your bank account. You also need it when you make payments over Internet.

Of course, sometimes you can’t use a hardware wallet. There are coins and tokens for which you can only use a software wallet. Like theTrump coin. If these coins or tokens have a significant value then I think you should use a dedicated laptop. You reinstall the operating system and you don’t use it for any other other purpose whatsoever. No additional add ons, games email or otherwise ”neat” but useless stuff like someones screen saver. You may synchronize the blockchain. Getting an old computer is easy, just don’t use it as it is.

Now you have a Gazpacho Wallet and it will be quite safe.