Can't restore wallet on new laptop

Trying to open an existing Yoroi wallet on new laptop via Chrome extension. i type wallet name, 15 word pass phrase and spending password (twice). Link to “Restore Wallet” does not light up.

Any suggestions?

Spending password does not matter. You are setting a new one, when restoring/importing a wallet. It is local to that wallet in that app instance.

If the link does not light up, the checksum of the seed phrase is most likely wrong. Which means that one or more of the words are wrong.

The wordlist has some cases that are very close to each other. You can look at your written down seed and at the suggestions of Yoroi, while typing them in, if something stands out as maybe the correct choice.

Many thanks for the quick response. i triple checked the seed phrase and it is correct (spaces and all).

Wait! Spaces don’t matter at all. You provide the 15 words separately to Yoroi and it acknowledges every word individually.

Or are you pasting the whole phrase into the field for the first word?

might the Export Wallet function in my original Yoroi be helpful?

i did originally cut and paste but just went through twice typing each individual word.

Unfortunately not. As far as I can see, it only exports the public information, so you can track the transactions with a smartphone that you don’t fully trust or with tax software that does not need to do transactions.

that makes sense. i guess an option would be to create a new wallet on the new laptop and transfer contents from existing to new one?

If you still have access to the old one, sure that’s probably the easiest option.

Maybe restore it on several devices (or in several wallet apps) right away. This gives additional assurance that the seed phrase is absolutely correct and additionally allows you instant access (via the other device/wallet app) if one of them gets a problem.

one additional question if i may. i note that when i activated my MSFT account on the new laptop it apparently goes and syncs with the edge data on my older machine (signed into the same MSFT account) thus it brought over all my edge sessions and extensions (of which yoroi is one).

can i assume yoroi will want me to restore the wallet and it will not just show up on the new laptop?

I’m not using these sync thingies, but I very much hope that they excluded Yoroi’s storage of wallet secrets from syncing. It would be very insecure if it just pushes that to some sync storage on the Internet.

So, yes, it should require restoring.

fyi, i was able to connect to it via so i know the seed phrase is good. must be something to do with the transfer of data via edge from one machine to another. perhaps yoroi does not like a duplicate extension viewing the same wallet?

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definitely did not sync seed phrase (that would be awful).

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It cannot know if another instance of Yoroi in another browser has that wallet imported. That would be just the same as Adalite looking at it. They all do not know that other apps also access that wallet.

Yoroi can know if the same wallet is already imported and maybe/probably would not like importing it again.

so just quirkiness, eh?

Yes. Or something we don’t see. Exactly same pass phrase working in Adalite and not working in Yoroi is strange.

You could also try to hand over your pass phrase to the cardano-wallet cli on an air-gapped mashine and check if the address and keys that get generated are correct. You can use this guide: Cardano Wallet CLI