Literally Just made a Yoroi account. Forgot spending password

So I literally JUST made a Yoroi wallet, I used a random password generator for the password cuz I had NO IDEA it would require it for sending my funds, nor did I think it would completely screw me in this way, I thought my browser was going to save it. Now, I try to restore my wallet, and apparently my 15 word phrase is incorrect too?? This is insane. Why would it not mention that you literally CAN’T do anything if that password is forgotten/lost? I used a random password trying to make my account safe and now I think I am completely fucked, even though I typed down my 15 word phrase, but apparently it is wrong? It doesn’t say it is wrong but when trying to restore the account, it doesn’t let me restore it I just see a lightly faded green button and there is nothing saying my phrase is good or bad, just that it isn’t letting me proceed with a restore.

Edit : So apparently Firefox wasn’t working to restore the wallet with the 15word phrase. I am immediately getting off this known stressful wallet. That is just ridiculous that one of the most used browsers isn’t working for restoring the phrase, seemingly making it look like the wrong phrase is used, cuz it worked fine in the Yoroi android app.

Use chrome for desktop, firefox has issues



I do normally use Chrome, but since I use Chrome as the main browser and forgot the password for the wallet, I had to import to a new browser/Yoroi extension and chose Firefox. That’s crazy though that there is no notification whatsoever like “hey bro, this wallet sucks with Firefox so if you can’t import a seed, try a different browser”. Instead it gives the impression the seed is wrong and that people are screwed.