Yoroi - cant recover wallet - RESTORE WALLET button always inactive

I’ve tried to restore a wallet using both Yoroi and Yoroi-nightly. The below is a screenshot from yoroi-nightly, on testnet.

In both cases, when I add the seed, only the last four words are visible, though all are there.

And in both cases, the RESTORE WALLET button remains inactive.


You are pasting the whole recovery phrase into a field that is only meant for one of the words.

That’s why the space is restricted and you only see the last four words.

You should enter the phrase word by word (after all, it shouldn’t be saved digitally and therefore shouldn’t even be available for copy and paste).

During input, Yoroi suggests words from the list of possible words and after a couple of keystrokes the correct one can be accepted.

Should look like this:

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It may be worth adding some kind of validation that detects if words have been pasted, or prevent pasting. As well as a validation message.