Restore yoroi wallet

Hi I want to restore the yoroi wallet, but when I type the recovery words, the restore option is disabled, Please help me What should I do?

Hello, @hadi_poem, welcome to the forum.

It is possible that this was due to not all 12 words being spelled or spelled incorrectly. Please check these points.


I’m sure of spelling words, yet I still can’t get my wallet back

How many words does the secret phrase contain?

15 wordsss

I entered the recovery words and managed to restore. I became a wallet, but the amount of my assets shows zero

That happens because the words you enter are not those of your wallet, so another wallet is created.

To prevent this from happening, you must copy along with the 15 words, the check sum of the wallet (4Letters-4Digits). With these two pieces of information you make sure that when you restore the wallet, you are restoring the correct one.

I just created a wallet, deleted it and then restored it and all fine. Let me insist that you should check the secret phrase you are trying to restore.

The slightest error or change in the words entered will end up creating a new wallet.


First, what wallet is it… byron or shelley?
Second, are u using a ledger/trezor wallet?


I dont used ledger/trezor wallet
My problem started because I forgot the password that had to be entered to send

I cant see your topic

Then u must go to

Yoroi - add wallet (shelley era ) - restore - add the seed words - wallet name and spending password

If u are not seing the funds then u need to looking for another seed words!

Unfortunately I forgot my spending password Is there no way to recover my wallet?

In order to reset the spending password u will need to restore the wallet using the correct seed words

Perhaps this seed words is for byron wallet

Try to restore the byron wallet and check if u are seeing any transactions; if yes it means the seed words is not for shelley

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I am thankful with your guidance I hope I can get my wallet back