Yoroi 15 words


The yoroi app froze on my phone and stupidly straight away I reinstalled it , and my wallet was gone , I can’t remember my 15 word but I know my wallet name and password , am I screwed or is there a way to recover, all my ada may be gone yea , replys appreciated

Sorry but you will can’t restore the wallet without the seed words, u must have it somewhere

Can’t find man , I know my wallet name and password but can’t seem to find 15 word , taught I took photo but must not off , so annoying I’m screwed now so

Dam I should not of reinstalled , should of read up before I did anything

Check better, perhaps u used a paper, don’t pannic u will find it… without the seed words bkped u couldn’t complete the wallet setup

The idea is to not panic, relax and try to think…

Check your phone for screenshots. Maybe you didn’t feel like writing while creating your wallet.

If i remember correctly you can’t take a screenshot when creating a wallet at the seed phase.

You can. I have an iPhone/Yoroi. This Byron ADA was in my wallet for over 2 years. I looked through thousands of pictures on my phone April-May 2019 folder. That’s where the 15 word pass screenshot was. I used the ADA to pledge to my stake pool (XPPX) yesterday lol

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Yes u can :slight_smile:

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I just tried on my phone and it says i can’t do that, damn non rooted Samsung… :stuck_out_tongue:

You will need those 15 words to recover the wallet…

As a last resort you could try to recover / undelete data from your phone. There are apps that scan for deleted files. The main thing is that you don’t use your phone in the mean time! Switch it off. Depending on how much Ada you lost there are also paid services where you can send your phone to. They are specialized in recovering ‘lost’ data. Deleting an app or files, does not automatically mean they are overwritten. The space (wich still contains the files) is just marked as empty. Find out what files are important and maybe provide them with an example.

Hope you find it Raymond! Clear your mind and look slowly and carefully.

Current version of the Yoroi app will not let you take a screen shot during the seed word phase, so thinking you have it somewhere else.

Best of luck!

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First of all, welcome to Cardano Forum.
If you remember, each time you create a wallet. Your wallet must be asking you to retype your seed words.
Try to find this copy. I don’t think it’s possible to do other thing besides searching for the seed words.
Good luck.

Hey this will probably be my last resort , could you give me a little more info please

He’s saying that after you get your words, the wallet asks you to verify them. Essentially, you either took a screenshot and it’s still on your phone, wrote the words down, or have a photographic memory and passed Yoroi’s phrase verification test.

Just Google for; “service for recovering data from phone” and look for a recovery company you like. For example: Data Recovery from Mobile Smart Phones & Computer Tablets or there is also DoItYourself software available. That needs techical knowledge however.