Recovering Multiple Wallets on Yoroi

Hey Everyone,

I am having a pretty big issue at the moment and I am not getting the resolution or answers needed from technical support from Emurgo.

So when I initially made my yoroi wallet, I create the initial wallet which was named “long term” then I added a new wallet called “short term”

When I created my wallet, I only got one seed phrase for creating the app (this was via my mobile)

Bit of a newbie and made a mistake, deleted the app, but I knew I had my seed phrase so I can easily get everything back.

I re downloaded the app, but my seed phrase in and only one wallet shows up, which isnt the main wallet with most of my holdings.

When you open a new wallet, do you have a seed phrase for each wallet?

Looked at the address for the seed phrase, and only want address comes up.

How can you recover the second wallet that is connected to your one yoroi app.

Hope that makes sense

Yes, there is a unique seed phrase for each wallet. There is no possibility to get two wallets out of a single seed phrase or deduce one from the other. ( has the concept of multiple accounts in a single wallet, but Yoroi does not.)

But Yoroi asks you like three times if you have written down the seed phrase and put it in a safe place. There is hardly a possibility to miss that step.

If you had two different Yoroi wallets you have to have been through that process twice and written down two different seed phrases.