Yoroi gave me an option to create multiple wallet, but when I reinstall the application only one of the wallet is reflecting. My fund is in another wallet within yoroi. How do I access it?

I installed Yoroi wallet.
It gave me option to create multiple wallet in the same app. Now when I restored the wallet using seed phrase only one of the wallet is reflecting but my ada is in another. Will I be able to access my fund?

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Hello @Ab231

Every wallet you create has new set of seed phrases. You need to restore each wallet separately. You seem to have restored just one and it sound like you created more then one

Remember, each wallet has different seed phrase. Use other seed phrases to restore other wallets. Yoroi is just a program that lets you use your wallets that you restore with those seed phrases.
Here is a link that explains how to restore wallets in Yoroi:

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Thanks for the reply. I again created a new wallet apart from the existing one but didn’t receive second set of recovery phrase.Something seems amiss

Is there any other way to get the secondry wallet restored. I feel so dumb right now. I hope there is a way out

If you didn’t erase Yoroi from the machine that you created a wallet on, then you can just use a spending password to move all your assets to a wallet that you have a seed phrase for. Otherwise you need the seed phrase. Did you maybe take a picture of the seed phrase? Because with out access to already available instance of that wallet OR a seed phrase for that wallet there is nothing that can give you access to it.
Can you go to a computer/phone where you created it and see if you can access it from there?

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I guess I am not able to explain clearly. I used the seed phrase to get my wallet but another wallet which I had created didn’t provide any seed phrase.
As soon as we login to Yoroi, it provides an option to create another new wallet, apart from existing ones, without providing seed phrase. I do have the initial seed phrase but it seems to be for an empty wallet. The entire fiasco started as I forgot my password. I guess there is no other way to get access to my secondry wallet. Even though I have sent an email to the Yoroi support team as a last mile measure. Hopefully they can assist in some way… Anyways I really appreciate your response. Thanks :pray:

Which option exactly did you use? If I go through “Add new wallet” → “Create wallet” → “Cardano” → “Create wallet” in Yoroi, it shows me the new recovery/seed phrase after selecting a spending password. Where did you create it without getting a phrase?

Were you using a hardware wallet (Ledger, Trezor) initially?

I have the same problem! It seems i created another account and when when i did my seed phrase that other account dissapeared! I lost my funds. I dont remember getting another seed phrase. A bit like a second account on metamask

If you did that with Yoroi: That’s not possible. Yoroi does not support multiple accounts under the same seed phrase. If you added another wallet, you must have gotten a new seed phrase.

If you did it with some other wallet app – Eternl, Typhon, Nami – you can just add additional accounts there again. Then your lost one should reappear.