Yuroi wallet

Hi, I have a huge problem I deleted my wallet to restore it with seed phrase but when I input my seed phrase only 3 wallets show up all that are not my wallet? has this happen to anyone else? Can anyone help.

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What do you mean by “3 wallets”? One seed phrase should only restore one wallet.

Or do you mean this screen of Yoroi?

This is actually a bit irritating, since Yoroi will only restore the left wallet if you confirm. For restoring a Byron wallet, you have to choose a different option in the previous dialogs, and ITN is not possible anymore at all, I think.

Do you want to restore a Shelley (“addr1…” addresses) or a Byron (“Ae2…” addresses) wallet?

If an empty wallet is opened with a seed phrase, it is most often a mix-up of seed phrases. You also wrote down one of earlier tests and the real one is somewhere else or something like that.

Yes that’s exactly the screen am getting the first wallet it shows me is a second empty wallet
I created today. I have the two different seed phrases one for the old wallet (the one I’m trying to restore) and one for the new wallet. Here the issue when I input the old wallet seed phrase only the new wallet comes up along with some random Byron wallet just like shown on your picture and a ITN account. When I input the new seed phrase nothing but random wallets pull up. How can I not see my old wallet with the old seed phrase?

That sounds like a serious seed phrase confusion.

Wallet apps always open the same wallets with the same seed phrases (Byron vs. Shelley and hardware wallets aside).

If the seed phrase opens the wallet created today, it is the seed phrase for the wallet created today. So, either you took a very newly written down seed phrase for an old one or you did not really use a new seed phrase for the wallet used today, but accidentally used the old seed phrase.

Anyway, the phrase for the wallet you really want to restore has to be somewhere else.

I been doing this for a while and I have restored wallets before and this is the first time I cannot pull my wallet with the seed phrase. It is so weird that my new seed phrase is pulling up a random wallet and my old seed phrase is pulling up my new wallet.

I don’t want to patronise you. Just saying that it is technically impossible that an old seed phrase opens a new wallet.

Sometimes it has helped others to look at the transaction history in cardanoscan.io to unfiddle the history and maybe remember another place, where a seed might be.

:sob: that’s exactly what I thought until now. How can this be. I have already checked Cardanoscan.io using my old wallet address and the wallet and quantity of tokens I had are still there nothing has changed with my wallet so it was not compromised but M still having that issue.