Restored Yoroi Mobile wallet....empty

Yoroi for iPhone recently had an issue where, if one had biometric identification turned on, the app wouldn’t perform the identification and the ‘use other login method’ button didn’t work. Since I had the seed phrase I just deleted Yoroi mobile and re-installed it, thinking I could then simply restore the wallet. The restored wallet showed zero balance and no NFT’s. Restoring on ccVault yielded the same result–zero funds, zero transactions, zero NFT’s.

The wallet contents I was expecting can be seen here: addr1q8cqgp74wj00fdvpvwcfnaz6px2c6d7u8raltek8cga6y5wmq2d069qhx3tjzx5xpvkjmx9t22n8xmvuxuual6t73k2qvdg3gn

The restored wallet address is:

I’m very experienced with crypto in general and Cardano in particular. I keep my recovery phrases in a password manager (for small wallets). Like others, I am absolutely sure this is the correct recover phrase.

I’ve heard reference to a ‘sync’ bug but just can’t understand how this could happen. Any help appreciated.


Okay, since there are zero transactions, nobody stole the funds. That’s good for a start.

If all of Yoroi, ccVault, Adalite, … restore the seed phrase to the wrong wallet/account, then this is obviously the wallet encoded by that seed phrase.

Are you really, really sure that there was no other seed phrase? Probably, you are.

If I see that correctly, you already found another thread with someone with a similar problem.

Is it possible that Yoroi on iPhone did a wrong seed phrase encoding in the past? That would explain it.

When did you create the wallet and save the seed phrase?

First of all, thank you for taking a swing at this.

I stored the seed phrase in the password manager app on Feb 8, 2020

Okay, that was long before the Shelley fork. So, that originally was the seed phrase of a Byron wallet.

How did you upgrade to Shelley? (The address you are expecting to see belongs to a Shelley wallet.)

In the process, you are normally creating a new Shelley wallet, backup the seed phrase of that and then claim the old Byron wallet.

I’ll have to think on that a bit. I really don’t remember how I upgraded except to say it was probably exactly how I was told to. The wallet was staked, so I must have converted to a Shelly wallet at some point. Another possibility is that the note was created on that date, but subsequently updated with the new seed phrase. Thanks for giving me some things to look at.

You were absolutely right. I found my new Shelley seed phrase among my (many) screenshots and restored the wallet successfully. So even thought I don’t specifically remember the transition from Byron to Shelley, my guess is that I created a new wallet and took a screenshot of the seed phrase (since this would be a small wallet only on my phone) and never updated the 1Password entry.

It was all my own fault (again). Thanks HeptaSean.


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I’m glad that you resolved this!

Especially, since there are regularly people coming to these forums, whom we cannot help, it’s nice to have some good outcomes in between.

[Insert lecture on not taking screenshots of seed phrases here. I know, you know. :crazy_face:]