Yoroi - Upgrading Wallet from Byron to Shelley

Heya Everybody!

Apologies as this is probably a newbie mistake.

I am attempting to re-create a wallet upgrading from Byron to Shelly in the process.

I’m using the Yoroi on my iPhone.

The process I have gone through is:

1a. Add Wallet
1b. Select SHELLEY-ERA

2a. Restore Wallet
2b. Select 15-Word Wallet
2c. Input Seed Phrase
2d. Create Transaction Password

3a. Visit Wallet
3b. Refresh the Wallet / Balance Remains Zero

My seed phrases are 100% and I can see my full balance in the depreciated Byron Wallet.

Any ideas?

Hey @L3164 and welcome to our community!

You probably still have a Byron wallet which you have to claim.

Go to your Shelley wallet → Claim/transfer option → restore your Byron wallet

I hope that helps you out.


Thanks for the welcome.

I’ve just had a look and can’t see a claim/transfer option?

The settings available are quite simple …

  • wallet settings (switch wallet, logout, change name, change spending password, easy transaction confirmation and remove wallet) with a small about section.

  • application settings (language, security, crashing reporting, terms of use, support) with a small about section.

Do you think this could be due to the iPhone wallet / app having reduced options?


I also literally just created the wallet, saw zero balance and posted here … do I perhaps need to wait for things to sync up?

Imo i dont really know the Yoroi Mobile app so id try to make that process via the browser extension.

If you still have problems you may want to contact the IOHK Support


Got it.

I don’t think there’s a solve in the mobile app - so, I’ll try and set up the browser extension shortly and will let you know how I go. Thanks for your help!

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Confirming you were 100% correct.

There was an unclaimed wallet (I don’t know why it needs to be claimed) - but, I was easily able to “claim it” using my seed phrases and the browser extension.

Once claimed the balance was transferred from my Byron wallet and then reflected in the both the browser and the wallet I had created in the mobile app.

There was a small fee for the transaction.

All pretty easy.

Thanks for your guidance.

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Glad to hear that you were able to resolve the problem.

Have a nice day and stay safe in our space :stuck_out_tongue:


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I got and Byron wallet in the Yroi google extension with trezor. The extension dos not connect to bock chain ( just teh tekst yoroi wallet). What to do ?


Your ADA are on byron or did u transfered to shelley wallet?

If not then create a new shelley wallet and transfer funds from byron wallet to shelley wallet… be carefull and send few ada first time and if everithing goes fine you can send all funds from byron to shelley address


Hi thank for answering, my ADA are on byron, but the wallet do not open. What to do ?

Did u checked if u are running the last version if trezor and yoroi?

Maybe Trezor needs to be updated.

Also u can check your funds on adalite


Can I install Yoiro on and other PCM? and open the wallet there ?

Do u mean to install on another pc? You should can, it will be llike u are restoring the wallet

I have Yoroi veresion 3.8.5. Is that the latest ?





8 January 2021



Check this Video how to…

But what not opening to you… yoroi chrome extension? The application?

Thanks for the video

The extension do not open. It starts but do not open. Some times it open but then stops.

What operation system do u have? Also I think u can try on firefox also… if not try on another PC

I have windows 10. I try firefox.