Yoroi IOS mobile Ledger nano X byron to shelley?

Apologies if I have missed a thread.

I have Yoroi IOS mobile and a preexisting ledger nano X byron wallet. Ledger live is updated but not relevant here, also updated ledger nano X to most recent firmware and updated cardano app as of 4 Sept 2020.

Yoroi is also most recent update as of 4 Sept 2020. I can see the old byron wallet. I made a new shelley wallet. Went to transfer old byron to new shelley and found send is disabled with a “future” update. Found could not create a new shelley wallet via ledger as that option was greyed out as well.

At this point I am just looking to make sure that there is nothing I am doing wrong and that it is just that ledger nano x support through yoroi ios mobile is not functional at this time and have to wait for a future update to be able to transfer ledger byron to ledger shelley? Or are we just supposed to wait and the byron wallet will migrate to shelley on its own?

I am just looking to use ledger nano x and yoroi ios mobile to upgrade from byron to shelley, not browser based yoroi or daedalus or ada or anything else at the moment. Just couldn’t find anything concrete on the state of Yoroi ios mobile with ledger at the moment.

Thank you for your time and patience even more so if Im a putz and missed a thread already.

Slow field mouse

Normal send is not used in this case, you need to find the new Claim/transfer function then select Shelley wallet, confirm and enter seed phrase.

That sounds great. I have not noticed though that there is any claim transfer function currently on the Yoroi IOS mobile wallet.

Looked on the…
Main screen
Options starting byron or shelley new wallet
Not in the existing wallet or options for that wallet or under any of the tabs
or sub choices

Honestly there are not a lot of menus when it comes Yoroi IOS mobile to look at, I have scrubbed them as best I could since your reply. If you have any idea where this option is on Yoroi IOS mobile give a slow mouse a cracker please.


Mr. Blu slow field mouse

Sorry I don’t know, all I can suggest is checking that you have the latest version.

Ledger integration (as well as referred Claim/Transfer) is restricted to chromium extensions for now.
You should be able to move funds from Byron wallet to Shelley wallet tho, if you’re using latest version as Rob suggested.

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Looks like you can not move funds from a previous Ledger backed byron wallet until the current integration is completed.

Yoroi shows no “transfer” option for the ledger backed wallet and the send option pops up “will work in a future update.”

Right now if a person had ADA in a byron wallet backed by a ledger preshelley era then those ADA are still stuck at the moment if just using Yoroi IOS mobile and ledger.

If someone was able to upgrade to a shelley wallet or transfer to a shelley wallet from an preshelly byron wallet that was ledger backed on Yoroi IOS mobile only, that would be an interesting read. I cant seem to see how that would be done right now though.

Looks like there is an update yet needed from Yoroi on ledger for this to work. Still will be happy to stake someday soon.

Thank you gentlemen and or perhaps ladies for your responses here, your time was valued and appreciated.


Mr. Blu field mouse

Sorry, I missed out a necessary step, you have to create a new Shelley wallet first, then you’ll get the claim /transfer option.

Hello Rob,

I had made a shelley wallet, made another one to be sure. Found on Yoroi IOS mobile there is no option during creation or afterwards to transfer from an older Byron wallet. The shelley wallet was open to a regular receive but no “transfer”.

Honestly it looks like there is supposed to be a follow on update as mentioned earlier that offers ledger functionality with Yoroi and that right now it is not there for the Yoroi IOS mobile.

I had gotten a bit excited after waiting a bit to stake and thought I might have missed something with Yoroi IOS mobile in being able to do that but it looks like another update is needed so just a bit more waiting to stake. Will be excited though once an update for it comes out.

Thank you for your time Rob, appreciated.

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Hi Mr. Blue,

I too am in the exact same position as you are in. It seems that the Ledger/IOS Yoroi users are stuck for the moment and unable to stake. I hope they resolve this soon.

@RobJF you are a great member of this community and I want to say thanks for your contributions.


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@Mr.Blue, I’m kicking myself. I just went to look at Adalite, through the ledger nano x and my ADA is also sitting there. I could have been staking since day 1 regradless of Yoroi support. Thought you should know.

Mr. Gmanzig,

*Smile that is rather funny as today was also the update to yoroi ios mobile wallet that now lets the transfer happen from byron. Seems all of it came together at the same time. Happy staking to you Sir, and hoping you have a smile, a laugh, and a hug a day.


Mr. Blue

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