Can’t restore my Yoroi wallet

Hello. 6 months ago, my pc broke down on which there was a web version of the yoroi wallet, on it I had a balance of 37k coins, I saved the recovery phrases separately. Now I’m trying to restore it on another PC and nothing comes out. the wallet is being restored but without my coins. I checked the transactions and you can see that the coins are still in my wallet. what should I do, help.


It sounds like you are restoring shelley era with your seed phrase, when your ada is on a byron era address under the same seed.

Restore your wallet in shelley era, you will see 0 ada.

On the left hand side there is a transfer / claim section, in there select byron era and enter your seed phrase again. That will initiate the transaction to move your ada to your shelley era address.

(Has to be done on a browser extension, not mobile, i recommend google chrome)

nothing happens, he gives me this error and I enter the recovery phrase, it shows wallets that differ from the one on which I have a balance.image

When you go on that transfer / claim page select BYRON not shelley.

That message you are getting is because you selected shelley era.


  1. Restore your wallet in yoroi via shelley era. This loads an empty wallet.

  2. Go to claim / transfer page, located on the left.

  3. Select Byron era and enter your seed phrase again.

If you select shelley, it looks at the snapshots from the incentivised testnet

Done :white_check_mark: Thanks :pray:t3:

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