New Yoroi wallet access

I created a wallet on the mobile Yoroi app on my iPhone. I recorded the 15 seed words in the correct order and successfully confirmed them to create the Shelley-era wallet. I went to the Receive tab and copied the address which seemed extremely long. I went over to Bittrex and sent the coins to that address. I went elsewhere on my phone to deal with something and when I cam back to the app, the entry screen is there with no menu except to choose between adding a Shelley-Era or Byron-Era wallet. I chose Shelley-Era and picked RESTORE WALLET. I entered my 15 words and on the next screen entered my wallet name and it says it exists. No kidding. How do I get to where it exists? There is almost no menu there. I went to my desktop and installed the Chrome extension. there appeared to be more menu options there, but since I had created the other wallet, I wanted to restore it. I went through the same process and after I typed in the restore words, the wallet name and passwords, it said make certain your address matches the one in the wallet you’re trying to restore. How could I remember that? I went to Bittrex and looked at the transaction and the addresses do not match. I hope I didn’t overwrite the wallet I created on my mobile device with the desktop version. This wasn’t a large transaction, but it’s certainly an annoyance. Where do I go for help with this?


First of all if u have the seed words u should not be worried…

Now… do u still have yoroi installed on ur iphone, can u add a screencapture here?

Regarding the yoroi chrome … u need to restore shelley wallet using 15 seed words , (but u need to close the app from iphone first in order to sync)
set again the wallet name and spending password and u should see your balance…

Close yoroi, close app from iphone (double click home button and swipp up) then try to open again… it should ask u for pssword or fingerprint…


You sir are a genius. The wallet is now there on the mobile app with all the ADA in it. Thank you!

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