Byron to shelley

Hi. Please i need your help.

I have my yoroi wallet initially as byron. But then i transferred it at shelley last year so i can do staking. I have the 15 phrase for my byron and so as my spending pw in byron and shelley.

I tried restoring my wallet, but the staked ada i have doesnt show. I cannot restore my shelly wallet with the ada i have staked

U had a byron wallet (byron 15 seed words) and u created a shelley wallet (new shelley 15 seed words). U moved the ADA from byron to shelley (u can see on transactions history)
Now, u need to restore the shelley wallet not the byron (u must have the 15 seed words for shelley wallet)

  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • restore using the 15 seed words

Thanks so much for your help

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