Yoroi Wallet Restore - Missing a wallet

I opened 2 wallets in my Yoroi App for splitting my delegated Cardano. I was only using the first one so I decided to remove the second. When I was trying to move some of my Cardano out I found that my spending password does not work. the info here in the forum advises that I remove the wallet and restore it. I decided to open Yoroi on another device and restore there prior to on my mobile device. After the restore with my 15 word seed phrase it only shows the wallet that I was not using and not the first wallet that holds all of my Cardano ADA. Now I’m in fear of remove/restore on my main device for the chance of losing my investment. I then added Yoroi to my Chrome extension and attempted the restore from my computer. Again, only the unused wallet shows up.

Please advise.


U must have a seed words for each wallet created… it looks like u used the seed words for the unused wallet… try to restore the wallet with the seed words for the wallet with funds

The seed words are from when I first set up my Yoroi. I was not given any additional words. I will check my safe and see if I am mistaken. Thank you for the speedy reply!

This means 2 wallets => 2 seed words (one for each wallet)

Thank you Alex! Hopefully I have those seed words!