Yoroi synchronization error

Upgraded my phone (kept original in case of problems), restored yoroi wallet and found that my main wallet seed phrase is wrong. Went back to original phone to load the yoroi wallet and get error message about syncing problem. See below.


This is my life savings and I’m not sure what to do. My wallet shows up on old phone but seems to struggle getting linked up. Only part that shows correctly is transaction history.

don’t worry, be patient… so. did u restored the wallet on new phone? or you couldn’t because of the seed words? you should have a 15 seed words for yoroi shelley wallet or 24 seed words (if u had Daedalus before and you migrated to yoroi)


My seed phrase is loading a blank wallet, suspect I have an issue there

Seed phase is loading another wallet - any chance a signal seed phrase can load multiple wallets with different names

I know the yoroi has sync issues… can you check one of the new wallet address on cardanoscan.io? do you see the right balance there?

I don’t understand why my wallet stopped at synchronizing. It worked well until I got a new phone and synchronized it with other accounts. Makes no sense that I try to restore a wallet on new phone, fail and have NO options to restore even with original device. My seed doesn’t work, any other option to recover ?

don’t panic… wait for the sync issues to be fixed… try on your old phone to refresh the cardano wallet by pulling down with the finger few times…

Yes, I can load it and info from transaction into the wallet do load as well

then should not be any issue. perhaps some issues with the yoroi and will be fixed soon…
now for your new phone… restore the wallet and copy one address to cardanoscan.io … do you see there the balance?

It is possible that you mixed the words for security or maybe you have more seed words?

I can’t restore wallet on new phone, loading an unknown wallet with no transaction history or balance

then… search for the correct seed words or wait for the sync issue with yoroi on your old phone to be fixed

It’s been a few days, how long will the sync issue take to fix?

I don’t know but it can take more time

Is there anyway to capture seed phrase other than at setup? If I have access to wallet via old phone, can I recover seed phrase from there?

No thats not possible.

You dont see your seedphrase anywhere else expect when you create the wallet.

What is my beat option to get these funds available? I have the original phone I used to setup wallet but yoroi is giving me the error code I provided in the image above

forget about the yoroi issue for the moment and try to find your seed words, and keep calm… your funds are safe on your old mobile wallet

I’m extremely organized, seed phrase is written down when I created the wallet and kept in a safe, no other versions of it exist and when I use it to restore I get an unknown wallet, so I’m guessing the seed phrase was recorded incorrectly, so finding the seed phrase isn’t an option, all I have is access via the previous iPhone. I’m calm and so appreciate both of you. I’m just concerned. What about sending Ada to the wallet - could that stimulate a sync function?

sometimes when yoroi has sync issue can show you 0 balance when u restore the wallets… that’s why I asked you to check if on cardanoscan.io is ok… or try to restore the wallet using the 15 seed words on adalite.io (100% safe)… and check if here is ok (showing the right balance)

Thank you Alex, I will do that soon. Really appreciate your timely response. Hope to catch you online again when I can attend to this agin.