Yoroi Wallet Not Restoring With Correct Seed


I have never used the Deadalus wallet. Straight to Yoroi.

I installed Yoroi a couple of months ago, made a note of my seed words in two places. I sent some funds and I restored the wallet a couple of times to make sure seeds were correct. All fine.

Today I open Yoroi and it’s gone back to the start, choose language, accept terms, restore wallet.

I enter in my seed words and nothing. There’s just a loading sign spinning after entering all the right info. I’ve just left it open. According to the youtube videos, my wallet should be restored within seconds…

I have typed in the wrong seed words on purpose and it tells me it’s wrong. It accepts my correct seed words but nothing happens.

Should I start getting worried? Is anyone else having this problem?


Could be a problem with local extension cache. Try reinstalling Yoroi and then restore wallet using seed.

Since your seeds are valid, I don’t see why you should be worried. Have you contacted the Yoroi Team?

Hey, I just re-tried it and the wallet restored instantly not sure what was happening before.

Always good to check your seed words are correct I guess :sweat_smile:.

Thanks for the replies.

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Glad it’s resolved.