Is Daedalus working as it should?

Hi Guys,

It takes a lot of time before the wallet has loaded and synced. Even if I run the wallet several times a day.

Could someone confirm that my Daedalus wallet runs the right way?

when I start Daedalus this is what happens

  1. connecting to the network
  2. verifying the blockchain (until it reaches full 100%)
  3. connecting to the network again
  4. Then it is syncing in the dashboard

They will have to improve the wallet. It is happening the exactly same thing here.

I have seen this for quite some time now…

It took me about 20 min to connect today.

I believe Network congestion is playing a role as everyone is setting up wallets and staking.


Same happened to my wallet. After updating to 2.0 it started syncing and then suddenly I got “Connecting to network” screen. I don’t know if it the wallet problem or a network load issues but it not fun :frowning:

We are at the start and probably far from optimal at this point. In time this should improve, i believe.

Just keep it open mine eventually connected after about 20 min even after I got a screen that asked if I wanted to file a support ticket.

Yep, after 20 min or so, the wallet managed to reconnect.

Calling up the Daedalus wallet has taken an eternity since the update - connection to the network- block synchronization (especially the last 0.02%) - the whole process takes about 10-15 minutes. Is this normal for now / in the meantime? When I look at posts seen above, it seems to be so.

Don’t u just love everyone trying to get on board at the same time :purple_heart:

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Yeah too many Issues but I believe they will improve wallet Performance soon. For Now I feel easy to hold my ADA at Guarda Wallet. I don’t need to wait long times, Much easy. Wait for their Shelly Hardfork Implementation. Than I will move my $ADA.