New update wallet "connecting to network" forever?

I have win 10 system and my old wallet would not sync stayed at 93.8 for hours. so I did as instructed installed the updated version. Now the screen is connecting to network how long will this stay in connecting?What is an unreasonable time in connecting to network old version was connected rather quickly. Is anything getting done at this stage? if this is normal and takes say hours there should be a progress bar to read.
Thanks in Advance

Apparently it shows that message while syncing, so might take a while in some cases.

I must reset the auto sleep to a temporary never for this process to complete? or for something else? i did it any way just in case
thanks in advance.

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@rcactech, here is something you can try to get your wallet to work. This procedure is at your own risk, it has worked for other people, but the basic idea is you rename the DB-1.0 folder to something else and resynchronize the block chain. Please first make sure you have your original 12 word phrase used to create Daedalus.

  1. Close Daedalus.
  2. Open file Explorer.
  3. In the navigation bar type in %appdata%
  4. In the list, open the folder Daedalus.
  5. In the list of folders under Daedalus, locate folder DB-1.0 change the name of DB-1.0 to backupDB-1.0 ( or anything different you will remember )
  6. Close file Explorer
  7. Relaunch Daedalus (this will cause the DB-1.0 to be recreated)
  8. Wait approximately 2 - 24 hours for Daedalus to sync the block chain and open correctly.

Hope this helps,

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Rickymac, thank you for the reply and instructions. I have done as stated now that I relaunched the “Connecting to network” is a syncing of the block chain yes?

Is there a way to tell what is going on with the connecting to network by opening task manager? Should resource consumption be larger than 150MB?

Open the menu on top left and show the status.