Daedalus 4.2.1 Currently At 96.55% (3rd Day Of Block Chain Syncing Since Download & Install)

I’m on my 3rd day of waiting for this to sync with the block chain. I was originally informed block chain syncing takes only a few hours but 3 days? This is crazy. Is the software this slow too? :thinking:

I surely hope not.

Currently, we’re at 98.47%

99.13% Currently

99.59% Currently

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I just got new laptop and am stuck at 97.7% for my 2nd day, am i doing something wrong?

I downloaded Daedalus 4.2.1 version in my windows 10 i3 inorder to buy some NFTs, decided to go with this application . After downloading ; wallet sync with the node was taking a long time, now its 2nd day still its not synced. showing 97 percent , and it loosing the connectivity several times and i am trying very hard each time to move atleast by 1 percentage sitting infront.
After 80 percent , it showed my wallet receive address , thought i could connect and buy ; .
Transferred ADA from Binance and it showed completed ,not received till now still 3 perecent sync left.
How can i complete Daedalus application run properly in my PC?
Will i receive my ADA after the configuration got completed? or it get burned? lost forever? ​

did you able to finish?

what ive found is that you have to delete you chain folder and wallet folder to get it to start up again, i dont know why i would have to delete my wallet and chain folders for it to start blockchain download, must be a bug i think. I would try that, you would have to restore your wallet once its finish

STRUGGLED VERY HARD, took 3 days but its synced and i received my ADA . Bought my first NFT.
Need lot of patience if your system is in the basic category.