Can you run daedalus on a bootable ubuntu drive 32 GB?

Would it need to be saved on the drive or could I save it on my hard drive and access it that way ? My pc is about 5 yrs old, win 10, with 8 GB RAM but is struggling to run Daedalus. I’m thinking that more RAM would be free on the ubuntu drive and the wallet might function better ?

It would still be the same, because are you using your PC that has the same specs to run Daedalus, regardless the location of the boot. You have two options here:

  1. Get a new laptop!
  2. Switch to another wallet.

I also have Yoroi but prefer Daedalus. I know the specs are the same but I read that Ubuntu uses less than windows 10. I guess it is time to upgrade.

Indeed that Linux requires less resources, but I doubt that it will help much if you machine is old.

It’s a good reason to buy a new desktop :wink:

Would a modern desktop w/ 8 GB be enough or should it be 12 ? The Daedalus specs say 8 is enough.

Yes, 8 GB RAM should be sufficient

Seems you need to upgrade but why not keep the old machine and dedicate it to run Daedalus on Ubuntu? I have not done it yet but I recently installed Ubuntu on a Mac Book I no longer use. Seeing your post got me thinking about using that Ubuntu partition only to run Daedalus. One aspect to consider is whether hard wallets can be used with Ubuntu. So far I am relying only on Daedalus but with recent incidents of suspected keyloggers draining a big-size wallet, I’m ordering a Trezor T today!

Yea, I have a Trezor so my interest was just in an OS that is less resource intensive. Also, Linux is cool. That’s a good idea though. I should use the older machine for Ubuntu. There is no reason a hard wallet or daedalus can’t be used on it. I’m just not clear if using a bootable usb drive it has to be saved to the drive or can be accessed from the hard drive.