Daedalus on multiple computers

I have my ADA in Daedalus. Just bought a new Mac and I want to put my Daedalus wallet on new computer so I can access wallet from either computer. Is this possible? Will this cause conflict on network? Reviewing past discussions on this subject it would appear that you can do this. However, the discussion was in 2017. I wondering if this still is true given changes/updates to Daedalus since that time?

Lastly, if possible is it simply a matter of restoring wallet on new computer? I have my 24 words.

You can still do run Daedalus with the same wallet on a different computers.

You can also run Daedalus and any other wallet software like Yoroi, Adalite or what ever at the same time aswell.

Thank you. Just restore it, right?

Yep. You will have to use your seed phrase

Thanks again. Happy New Year!