Multiple Computers and Daedalus Wallet

Has anyone tried running Daedalus Wallet on multiple computers? I have two devices at home that I would like to have it on however I haven’t read anything about how that works with multiple sessions.

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Yes I am also curious if it is possible?

Here is the Daedalus Wallet FAQ. Ok in the FAQ item titled “Will uninstalling/reinstalling the application delete my wallet data and coins?” there is this statement “Also note that Daedalus is a online wallet…”.

So with this info I would make a guess that it appears you can install your wallet to more that one computer since its an online wallet. I would also make another guess, and it may be best practice (until we get more info) to have the wallet open on one computer at a time.

I’m making assumptions here so please understand I’m have not definitive answers. :slight_smile:

What do you all think?

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There is no reason you can’t run a wallet on multiple computers. The wallet will sync to the blockchain and be the same on both computers.


I want to create the new wallet , transfer the coins from the old one and delete the old Daedalus Wallet . Can i download the second wallet in my computer or any other way to do that ?