Daedalus wallet? It’s is allowed to open in other computer?

Hi everyone, I installed Daedalus wallet to my MacBook and it’s work fine even it’s take a lot of time to download and I download Daedalus again to my other MacBook it’s is allowed to open the same wallet on different computer? I put my recovery phrase to the send MacBook and restore but it’s just loading it’s like nothing gonna happen :frowning: do I need to close it or just let it loading?

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Absolutely, you can install Daedalus and recover the same wallet on as many computers as you want. No need to close it. You just have to download the whole blockchain again every time you want to install it somewhere new.
==> I hear that a light version of Daedalus will be released, where you won’t need to download the whole blockchain…
See below from the Roadmap :


Cheers @CosmosX

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