Using Daedalus Wallet on a diff computeer

when i load daedalus wallet on my pc it opens with my all my info without log in but when i try to open it on another pc it just has generic info with no place for me to log in to see my acc. how can i use it on another pc?

On your “another pc” open Daedalus, click on “ADD WALLET” then “RESTORE”, and use the 12-word recovery phrase.

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I have the Daedalus wallet on my home pc but was thinking about adding the wallet to my work pc as well. Besides my IT folks okaying it, anyone think it’s ok to have on their work pc also?

Read this comment by @_ilap before installing Daedalus wallet in your work PC.

I explain why this is a problem.
So, if you start your Daedalus /w your account and your lock your computer, and somebody that can access to the same computer by switching (not log out/log in but switching) user and he/she starts a Daedalus, then she /he will be very surprised as she/he will see your wallets in the started Daedalous.
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Ok thanks for the response. I will not install it on my work pc.

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