Daedalus - 2 different user accounts on same PC

Here’s the question, I have 2 user accounts; mine and my girlfriends on the same PC. Can I have a separate Daedalus wallet setup for her account? So far, it doesn’t look like it supports it. Every time my girlfriend signs into her account, opens Daedalus, my wallet opens instead of an empty wallet. She has coins she would like to transfer from Bittrex into Daedalus. Sharing the wallet is not an option! I know I can create another “account and or wallet” in Daedalus and name it hers, but that defeats the purpose of having her own and my own wallet. Thoughts? Thank you!

have you tried two different user accounts on the computer? then separate installs of daedalus when logged into each account. that might accomplish what you’re trying do.

Yes, there are two different user accounts. Mine (administrator), and hers. Here’s the deal though, since Daedalus is installed under my account, for some reason, Daedalus also appears on her account (desktop) and is able to access my wallet.

generally not considered best practice to run as admin. maybe create a normal user account for you, if only just for your daedalus wallet? more secure i think :slight_smile:

Good point. So do you think once I setup a normal account for myself and have Daedalus setup there, you think this will solve the issue of it being on her account to? (I would try it, but I am currently at work)

I’m linking the topic to the team now. Thanks

Thank you!