Can the same Daedalus wallet be accessible from 2 different computers simultaneously if they share the private keys?



If the users are not physically in the same place. I need to know if the fact that I share their private keys with them will enable them to see their wallet as I manage their accounts.
Thank you in advance


I’ve shared wallets across two people and they can both see the other transactions and both engage in transactions.

Does that help?


Sure! Thank you. Since we can’t click on the “Join” feature yet, how did you do it? Ask a second user to click on “Add wallet” >“Restore”, and share the private keys with them?


I created a wallet and shared the recovery information with them. Come to think about it, I did this on the testnet before launch - but it should work. Start with an empty wallet and try it out with a few Ada to gain confidence / experience.


Cheers mate


All blockchain wallets are basically just a “window” into the public ledger/blockchain. The coins are on the blockchain associated with your secret seed/key/address…they aren’t on your local computer except as a replicated copy of the public ledge which just allows to wallet to display transaction information. Any wallet on any computer that has your secret seed/key can also see the coins associated with that address, can then control those coins. This is the same for all cryptocurrencies which all share a distributed collective database.

Just saw that this was from a month ago…oh well.