Daedalus wallet on 2 machines?

I’m just playing around with wallets in Daedalus. I want to view a wallet on a second machine. If I understand wallets correctly I should be able to go to another computer and using restore procedures view and work with my Daedalus wallet. This will be important when I buy a new computer in the next few weeks.

Are the correct steps to launch Daedalus on the new machine, click the Restore button, and enter my mnemonic phrase? I don’t have to do anything on the original wallet machine? I don’t have to create the wallet first and then restore to that?


OK, answering own question. Yes those are the steps. I did this on an 8MB RAM machine which is a bit slower than my 16MB RAM machine. It was slow and not happening so fast.

yes, the steps are correct; this is the way to migrate/restore the wallet on different machines
All u have to do is to downlod the wallet only from official sources

Am I right in assuming that it’s possible to copy the wallet locally to a new machine?

Yes, just restore using the original seed phrase to the new computer.