How to migrate Daedalus to new Computer while staking

Dear Forum

I have Daedalus 3.2 installed on Win10 with 3 wallets, all of them delegated to staking. Now for security reasons I want to move/migrate my Daedalus wallet to a new computer and I stumble across a few questions (and I’ve searched and read similar threads in this forum):

  1. Can I just install Daedalus on a new computer, restore the 3 wallets using the passphrases? But I assume that would lead to an error message as I cannot have 2 identical wallets?

  2. Or do I have to first delete the 3 wallets on the old computer and then restore in the new Daedalus? Apparently I have to leave the 3 old wallets to receive the expected rewards later, correct?

  3. If it is too risky for me to delete the 3 old wallets, can I just set up 3 new wallets in the new Daedalus and transfer the Adas to the new wallets? If I immediately delegate the new wallets to staking, will I loose an epoch? Or do I just transfer 10 Ada to the new wallets, delegate them and a few weeks later transfer the remaining Adas from the old to the new wallets?

Thank you very much for your support :slight_smile:


Hey @Cardandy

Your wallets are on the blockchain and you can restore on as many pc’s as you would like to. So yes its absolutly no problem to install Daedalus 3.2 on your new computer → restore all 3 wallets and use them.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:



Thanx for the quick feedback :slight_smile:

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