How to move ada from the Daedalus on one computer to Daedalus on another computer

I bought new laptop and want to install Daedalus on it. My old laptop has Daedalus wallet with all my ada in it. What are the steps I would need to follow to move my ada from my old laptop to the new one?
Thank you

  1. Install Daedalus from on your new computer
  2. Restore wallet from 12 secret words on your new computer (you can give it any name and use any password, those are only local)
  3. Be aware that wallet restoration might take few hours, and don’t interrupt it (don’t close Daedalus, or the computer, possibly turn off sleep mode)
  4. Check wallet is restored properly and you see all you ADA on your new laptop
  5. Uninstall Daedalus on your old laptop and remove all stored files (if you tell us what OS your old laptop is using - I can tell you directly which files to remove)

That’s it.

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Just follow the instructions by vantuz-subhuman and you will have the same wallet on your new computer, too.

Consider your wallet as an internet browser, not as a real wallet. That means, you can easily install it on a new device by restoring it through the given 12 secret words.

If you need more info, please contact us (or me personally).

Why would you ask a user to contact you personally? O_o

No offense but that immediately looks fishy.

@blipsman, please stay safe and not share your secret keys with ANYONE. Also be especially aware if people are messaging you personally.


I meant, he can address me personally. Sorry for my bad English … just wanted to offer my help.
No need for a private key. Got my own … :smiley:

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Sorry if came out too harsh, certainly didn’t want to discourage you from helping other people :slight_smile: Just please know that because of the specifics of the ecosystem we all are dealing with here - all usual safety precautions are multiplied. And I definitely seem to be in the top of paranoid people on the forum :nerd_face:

So, just know (not as an offense, of course, just a general rule) it’s not a usual practice to ask people to contact or address you personally. The forum is exactly the place for people to ask questions not addressed to anyone specifically, and whoever can - answers. I understand now you did not mean to do that. I did not want come out too harsh :slight_smile: Unfortunately, in this environment almost no safety is excessive.

Anyways, nice to have you here helping others :+1:


Thank you so much for your quick help. I got a lot of money in ADA and felt nervous regarding installing Daedalus on new laptop and moving my ADA to it. Now, I feel safe knowing that you always could instruct and help. Thank you again for your help and patience with me.
Now, based on your our message exchanges regarding becoming pool leader and basically installing my own pool you said that system admin skills would be preferable. Based on my unix skills, knowledge of AWS, docker, etc… is it possible for me to follow instructions and build pool? If this is way to much risk, I will just delegate my ADA for some pool.

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Markus, Thank you for being helpful, I do appreciate your kindness and being there to help folks like myself. best wishes to you, my friend.

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Silly question, but after I install Daedalus on my new computer, do I delete my old wallet from my old computer? Does it matter? I am afraid If I delete it on my old computer it will be deleted on the new one too. Thank you for any help.

As long as you have your secret words, you don’t have to worry about ever losing access to your funds. Never share them with anyone. Treat them like a pin to your bank account.

Deleting your wallet will not delete your funds or eliminate your access to them. Wallet is just a gateway to your money.

I would delete my wallet then uninstall it from the old machine only after making sure:

  1. You have your secret words written down and stored in a secure place.

  2. You successfully restored your wallet on the new computer.

If you are selling your old computer, I would suggest wiping the hard drive clean. Many people just smash their old hard drives so what you choose to do depends on your level of paranoia.

Hope this helps.

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It helped me tremendously. Thank you so much!

How about setting up new wallet on. The new laptop then sending from old computer wallet to new? Is that not easier?

Especially if you don’t have secret words at hand?

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So if I restore my wallet on another computer, Can I access my wallet on both computers? I have computers in different locations. Ie: work and home

Yes, your ada is actually on the blockchain, not on any individual computer, you can access it from anywhere if you have the seed phrase.

thanks. I’ll give it a try

I can now access my wallet different computers.

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