Old Daedalus Wallet not working - version 1

Quick question related to the recovery passwords for my old Daedalus Wallet (12 words).

I have my recovery password.

I opened My old Daedalus Wallet on my iMac after 3 years and it shows connecting for 3 hours. I gave up and stopped it. I installed the new version of Daedalus mainet. Installation done but it doesn’t open on the same iMac.

Any idea how to proceed?

Shall I install Latest Daedalus on another laptop and restore my wallet there?

Thanks guys for helping me. Once restored I want to start Staking as I have a big number of Ada. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards


Hi @Citizenship_Center good to have you here!

  1. Just for best safety install the newest version of the daedalus wallet on another computer.
  2. Start it and let it sync. This takes a while. It will download the blockchain locally
  3. Add a new wallet and select restore and type in your “byron” 12 word recovery phrase.
  4. You should now see your ada.
  5. Create a new shelly wallet. This is the new wallet type that allows staking. And write down your 24 words recovery phrase (shelly uses 24 words). Stash is safely!! You now have 2 wallets in daedalus. Old and new.
  6. Transfer your ada from your old Byron wallet to your new shelly wallet. You can just send from byron to new shelly wallet. Use the receiving address in the new shelly wallet.
  7. Select a pool to delegate to. Happy staking.

And bkp the secret.key from the old daedalus

Thanks Alex, but where is my secret.key on my imac please? How do I find it? I have my wallet phrase which has 12 words but I am unaware of secret key…

May you kindly help me. I am also not that much Mac Savvy, in case you have an easy way to find the secre key please share

thanks again


Ok, first u will need to check if the 12 seed words is fine, so open adalite.io and try to recover the wallet

If u see the right funds/balance then u don’t need the secret.key anymore


Thanks Ada4good. So the computer is not important here right? I can always download Daedalus latest version on any computer and restore my wallet on the new computer. So if any computer is thrown away - it is absolutlly no deal as long as I have my 12 or 24 recovery phrase. Right?

awaiting your confirmation with thanks.

Correct. But to be sure, I would first restore on a new computer and be sure all is fine before I throw away my old computer :slight_smile:

Alternatively you can use adalite.io which is a light wallet that doesn’t require you to install any software on your computer and to download the whole blockchain. Just what you prefer.

In essence, your recovery phrase will restore all your keys containing all your funds, independent of any computer or software wallet.

Hi Ada4good.

Tried on adalite and it didnt restore. I have installed Daedalus on my work computer and I am coming forward. Now I am going to proceed to do staking.

I want to be sure that if I delete Daedalus on my work computer I am still able to download Daedalus in any other computer and proceed with my ada and staking. There is a risk with my work computer since if I leave the company I have to give up the laptop so I want to make sure that no one has access to my Daedalus.

If you think I should rather transfer my whole ada to other place and should complelty delete daedalus on my work laptop kindly let me know.

thanks again


don’t touch the computer where u have ADA visible in daedalus.

Download and install daedalus on a new computer then restore the wallet with the seed words.
After everything is fine you can delete the daedalus from your old computer.

Download the last version from here

After installation, you must restore the wallet

If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask


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Do what alex just said.

Also scroll up to my first reply to you first post here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
It shows a step by step way to restore your wallet on a new computer using a fresh daedalus install.

I suggest you get this done first.

If this is done we can see why adalite didn’t work and other things. Good luck.

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Dear both,

I managed to recover. Now I have two wallets. One Byron where I have all my ada and second new one which is Shelley and has 0 ada. To be able to start staking I have to move all my ada from Byron to Shelley new wallet account. I am finding nowhere in Daedalus the transfer option between wallets. In youtube I could find one video which is old and options are not available under the latest Daedalus…

may you kindly help



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Indeed, in order to start staking u will need to move the funds from byron to shelley:

  • go to shelley wallet to receive section and copy the address
  • go to byron wallet to send section and paste the address copied earlier
  • send the funds
  • check if u transfered all ADA to shelley wallet
  • if yes u can delete the byron wallet from daedalus
  • go to shelley wallet to delegation center, search for a pool and delegate the wallet
  • bkp safe the new 24 seedwords for the shelley wallet
  • enjoy

!!! First time try with 10 ADA for test

PS: I recommend you to stake with @ADA4Good

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Thanks Alex,

all done. Now is it ok to delete Daedalus on my work laptop knowing that I have recovered all my ada? Do I need to save a privacy key or something?

My private Mac has issue so I want to transfer my ada to another platform. Which one would you recommend.

Please inform me about the steps so I make sure that once I leave the company there is no risks involved with my current daedalus on my current work lototp, since I need to give up the laptop once I leave.

Best and thanks again

Once u are seeing the ADA on the new device/laptop u can delete the wallet from old laptop

These are the steps to remove the daedalus

And try to delete all files/folder related with daedalus

My private Mac has issue so I want to transfer my ada to another platform. Which one would you recommend.

What do u mean by platform… another operating system or wallet app ?

Hi! I need some help with this issue. My old Byron wallet is giving me an error when I try to send to Shelley wallet. Just says “error occurred”