Daedalus wallet backup


In the following days I am going to restore my pc and I am a bit worried about the adas on my wallet.whats the best way to restore the wallet? I have the seed phrase but how can I double check it before doing something wrong?



Send ADA to an online exchange and keep 50 ADA in your wallet. Delete wallet and restore. If it works, send ADA from the online exchange back to your wallet.

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I guess that this method would work @Adasthetics but that’s not the best way to keep Ada safe in case something else happen (eg I losse my pc etc)

It was just a method to check if your phrase is actually working. I would just keep them in your wallet. Soon they will release paper wallets: https://twitter.com/IOHK_Charles/status/926485097636880384/photo/1

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To make a copy of your wallet, follow these instructions.
Note, if your wallet is password protected, the copy will have the same password protection. If you have no password, then your keys are exposed.
For Mac: Same principle for windows.

  1. Shut down Daedalus
  2. Create a folder “Ada wallet” on your desktop
  3. Go to menu bar and select “Go”, click “Go to Folder…”
  4. Search for “~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus”
  5. You should be able to see the Daedalus folder.
    Copy “Secret-1.0” and “Wallet-1.0” to the “Ada wallet” folder you’ve created. (Copy/Paste, Not Move)


where is there a password option within the wallet itself? I have the password from creation and my phrase, but when I launch the wallet it just opens straight up to the app once it completes sync (eg: no password required). there is no security in that at all and no option to change my passcode (eg: I’d like to up it to 256bit). this should have 2FA shouldn’t it? esp if I’m going to start accumulating a lot. please advise.

There is no need to unlock keys upon opening, only pub key generation and spending.

It is in settings tab. You can set or change password.


So if I want to restore my wallet, I just need to install a new wallet and just past these folders “Secret-1.0” and “Wallet-1.0” to the same place they were copyed from and restart the wallet? that’s all?

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This is more like an import. Restore is when you use the seed. It should work. Yes


I have already tested my seed and it worked. I have deleted the wallet and then restored it with the seed, it took time a bit but finally the wallet was restored and saw my balance and transactions. So only what I need is to keep my seed safe incase I want te restore my wallet. Actually I want to delete my wallet from my laptop and just have the seed kind of cold storage to be save from hackers attacks and because I am a long time holder.
So if it worked (recovering using my seed) It will work again right?? Sorry for repeating the question again but just to be sure.

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yes it will, that’s the beauty of it, don’t lose the seed :slight_smile:

Also you will need to double check app folder after uninstalling to double check it is gone

Does this method apply to the situation in which I’ve got two computers? For example the one with Dadedalus installed where I keep my ADA and let’s say I want to clean install it. Then I should copy Wallet-1.0 and Secrets-1.0 folders, install Dadealus on the second computer and copy these files? Or is there an option to get the same Cardano wallet using only 12 words that I wrote down?

The Daedalus video says that it will walk you through how to back up the wallet after you make the initial wallet. It does not do this. The instructions in this thread are great for Mac users but not clear for Windows. Is there a Windows specific backup guide? BTW, this forum and community have been great. Cardano is awesome. Daedalus is coming along but just needs a bit more attention.

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Using the above method there are two files that won’t copy/paste. Events and checkpoints both say that they are open in cardano-node. Daedalus is not open when I get this message. Does this mean I am not backed up without these two files?

It looks OK, but there is NO Daedalus folder in mine ~/Library/Application Support/ folder. Actually, there is no “Wallet” folder anywhere on my disk.

Do you have a wallet created in it?
I mean, have you the 12 words and so on?

of course, I have some amount in the wallet