Daedalus wallet query

My daughter was interested in crypto last year so I told her if she buys ada from exchange I would make her up wallet in Daedalus and would look after her ada. After a little while she needed funds so decided to just sell for time being. I then deleted her wallet from my Daedalus rather than having two wallets when I opened mine, yesterday she decided to get back into ada and bought some ada, I told her I would restore her wallet again, and just send the ada from exchange to the same address she sent to before as she only sent once from exchange and the address is saved on exchange. when I restored her wallet nothing was received in wallet. Do you only need the seed phrase to be correct, for the same wallet to be restored or has everything to be exact like password?

You only need the seedphrase to restore a wallet. Spending password and the wallet name has no inpact.

Did you wait until Daedalus is fully synced? You may want to use a lightclient wallet like Typhon oder Eternl to restore the wallet.

If you only need seedphrase then its must be installed correctly, I’m sure she sent before the wallet was synced, so if that’s the case is her funds now lost or is there a way to still retrieve funds, as they could have only have been sent to her wallet no other place?

Cheers Zyroxa

It does not matter if the wallet was synced or not. There is no interaction with the wallet app. Transactions are done on the blockchain and wallet apps are just an interface to it.

The exchange should have given you a transaction ID, which you can use on cardanoscan.io to see if and where the transaction went.

You can also search there for the receive address that you have given them and see if the old transactions from your last try and the new one are there.

And compare that to the receive addresses you see in Daedalus. It should show up at least among the used ones. And the old transactions should still be in the history. If that is not the case, you have restored/imported the wrong wallet.

Thanks for reply I’m just in the process of finding out with Daedalus support team, they have found the transaction, just a matter of checking out a few things when he gets back to me

Thanks again for reply

Hope, they’ll figure it out.

Just be sure to be in contact with the real support team and not some scammers! Never give them seed phrases!

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