Daedalus spending password Missing

Hi I restored my old Wallet I found the seed Key on the Lost files of my old computer and was able to recover the Wallet.

Also created a new One to transfer the funds to.

But when I try to transfer ir asks for a spending password and I have nota entered any passoword, ONLY the seed phrase até the Start.

Os there a way to find this password or use other new method?

I have all my transfers log and everthing.

This Wallet as created in late 2019

i Also hear that they want to burn Lost Ada Will mine bem deleted as well? I dont think that it os fair.

As long as you have your seed, you are always able to restore your wallet and set a new spending password.

There wont be any ADA burned.

I Dont. I ONLY have the Key file that I used to restore it but that method dosent allow to Change the password of the Wallet.

I Dont remember entering a password in 2019 for the Wallet

Il guess you wont be able to set a new password with that. You do have to try different passwords and bruteforce it as you have unlimited tries.

Im trying for a year now :pensive:

I am having the same kind of problem. Set my wallet up and I do not remember having to set a password up. Entered my seedphrase and it will not verify. So I set another wallet up for the heck of it. Tried to verify my seed phrase the next day and it said invalid seedphrase. I did it exactly as you are supposed to. Why will it noy recognize the correct seedphrase?

Try on adalite.io