Please Help!

I searched everywhere I tried everything already. I lost both my seed and spending password of my wallet. I went to every forum and every site with the same problems I found out that:

  • If you lose your spending password you can delete your wallet and restore it with the seed and create a new spending password

  • If lose your seed you use the restore function in Daedalus (not currently up) and utilizing the Secret file they restore your wallet

  • But if you lose both there is no way I found to restore your wallet and reset the spending password even with the secret key file.

I already sent a ticket, but if anyone knows of a way to make this work or a way to decrypt the secret file key please help me. I lost everything do to the Corona Virus and this is the only thing I have left.

I place a screenshot of my current situation and of all the backups I have. I also have this logo that mentions the wallet I have lost access:

{“exportErrors”:"",“exportedWalletsCount”:1,“exportedWalletsData”:[{“hasPassword”:false,“id”:“6295e1af357736c6fc292666568f437c8638b51f”,“import”:{“error”:null,“status”:“completed”},“name”:“Cardano Project”}],“finalMigrationStatus”:“completed”,“restorationErrors”:{},“restoredWalletsCount”:1,“restoredWalletsData”:[{“hasPassword”:true,“id”:“6295e1af357736c6fc292666568f437c8638b51f”,“name”:“Cardano Project”}],“generatedAt”:“2020-04-25T14:14:47.795Z”}

There are more people in this situation and I just hope they are not as desperate as I am!

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First of all do not delete the wallet!!
Second u should think that u changed the password 8 month ago!! Don’t u remember what password u seted? Maybe it’s an usual one… or maybe u wrote it on a paper …


So the current password was changed just 8 months ago?

Yes, u can see on daedalus saying … last updated 8 month ago

I’ll try my best to find it, but I hope one they the secret file key can be open on a emergency

But also u will need the password , u should remember, why u cahnged it, did unrestore the wallet, perhaps it’s the old one with few changes like date or…

@Jaime_Peixoto I hope you find it mate, best luck.

What I’ve done to make sure the wallet’s safe…

  1. Sent myself an email with the recovery phrase.
  2. Sent an email to my wife with the recovery phrase.
  3. Stored a photo in my cloud.
  4. Wrote it on a piece of paper and currently keeping it in my wallet.
    …and still afraid I might forget my password.

Hope you’ll remember the password mate.

Not a good ideea to keep the seed on cloud
On an offline device like an usb and paper will be enough… if someone will hack ur email or ur wife email or ur cloud account? They will restore ur wallet and u will loss all ADA… so be carefull!

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Yup, will do. Cheers

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it was restore via daedalus when the 1.0.0 dropped

And u don’t remember where u stored the seed? Maybe an email, a photo, a paper, etc

And u seted the same password? Maybe a annyversary date? Or year ?

I’ll try every possible password I can think off

But, I looked again and I see ur byron wallet not fully synced. U must wait to be sync and after that try again…are u seeing ur balance/transactions on byron wallet?

all 7 transactions and all ada are there but the problem stands

Good advice

Tried everything I could find no spending password working. Hope one thay they make a restore option for those Who lost both files