Resetting wallet password

I store and generate my passwords using a password manager so I wanted to do the same for my Cardano wallet, but for some reason the password did not persist properly and since it’s a completely random 64-character password I can’t even begin to guess it.

Since the protocol is centralised still is there a chance of resetting the wallet spend password? Or is that ADA gone forever now? D:

Just delete the wallet and recover it with the 12 word key. You will be able to use your wallet again without password or with a new one. Keep in mind that anyone with the 12 word key can use your wallet, the password is just for people in your home not being able to spend it from Daedalus.

Example: if I know your 12 word key, I can recover your wallet in my PC and it WON’T ask for any password and I will have access to your funds, or I can put a password in it so people in my home can’t spend ADA from the Daedalus in my PC without knowing the password.

Another thing: the wallet recover process takes a long time, if I remember well it takes like 4-5 hours.


Yeah, it seems to have worked out for me just as you said.

Actually, I didn’t even have to delete the wallet from the Windows PC (I’ve managed to run Cardano on my Linux PC, so I wanted to migrate there), my mind just had a minor incongruity – it assumed the password somehow migrated with the wallet (which on a second though probably wouldn’t have been very safe to do on a blockchain) but the prompt was caused by me already having specified a new password for the wallet.

I feel kind of silly now ~~’

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I’m happy you could solve it, good luck! :slight_smile: