Spending password!

Hey there forum.

18 days ago i formated my pc, after that i re downloaded Daedalus and recovered my wallet. My issue is, a couple of days ago i wanted to re delegate into a diferent pool but the spending pass was incorect. Now i need to mention that when i recovered my wallet after formating i didnt set up a new pass, i dont remember the network asking me to do something like that. So now i am unable to manage the ada that i have delegated and i cannot change the pass since i dont know it. ( the only pass i remember setting was the 1st time i ever downloaded Daedalus, and that one is incorect.) Any suggestion to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!!!

If you cant remember your spending password, you simply can restore your wallet with your seedphrase again and set a new one.

Do u have a hw wallet like trezor or ledger? If not then restore the wallet using the seed words… it will ask for a wallet name and password


Ok, thank you both for the extra fast replys gents. Just to be sure, in order to restore my wallet with the seed words, do i just delete Daedalus and re DL it or is there a faster way ?

Nope, just delete the wallet from daedalus… before to do that try to add a new wallet , restore and check if u receive an error like “the wallet already exist”
If u receive this message then it’s safe to delete it and restore

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