Spending Password in Daedalus

I would like to change my delegation pool but it looks like my spending password is incorrect. I am a holder and do not do this more often, but I wrote and saved the password in a safe place. I thought I wrote it correctly, and verified it once when sending some ADAs to another account. . I do have my seed words and verified ok. I would like to update my password, but it looks like there is no other option unless you do know the old password. How to proceed? Please advise.

the good thing is: it is true, you do not need the spending password if you have your seed words. But it is still important to proceed very carefully.

One way to do it is if you own a second computer you can install Daedalus there and create a new wallet with your seed words without the risk of messing something up.

If you need to stay on the same computer you could install Daedalus Flight and try to recover your wallet there without messing something up.

As soon as you are confident to recover the wallet with your seed words you can delete the wallet with the lost spending password and recover your wallet with your seed words.

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Waah! Thank you so much. I probably would like to use the same computer but was not familiar with “Daedalus Flight”, something new to learn. This is ok, as long as i am not locked up forever. You would think it was going to be easy to change the password once you have your seeds without going through all that. Probably a future improvement to consider. Thank you

You can not change the password, because the password is only there to encrypt the private key. This video has some great insights:

If you install Daedalus Flight, please make sure to download it from a trusted source only: https://cardano.org → Individual → Daedalus Wallet


Fantastic, I appreciated.

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I believe I was never given a “spending password”. I want to delegate now and its asking for this?
Also…Can you only delegate in 1000 increments? It is showing this for me.
Finally…daedalus wallet is TERRIBLE for me. Won’t connect…when I can get it to connect…it took 4.5 hours this morning! (if I were wanting to “trade” it…it would have cost me a few hundred fiat in the difference of price when I was trying to get into my wallet by the time I was able to). Not cool. Hope the rest (of what I BELIEVE ) is a great project works SUBSTANTIALLY Better than the wallet it self…or this whole project will never moon like some of us think it has the potential to do. Cheers