After clean install of Daedalus it still asks for the spending password?

So, I switched Daedalus from Windows to Linux, entered the seed, pretty sure i didn’t set a password, and wanted to set it. Then I see it already has one. It asks for the password to generate new receiving addresses and to spend.

3 questions:

1 - Are there two different passwords? Spending password and Wallet Password? (apart from the 12 word seed).

2 - I’m guessing it has the password from the Windows install? Is that possible?

3 - To reset or change the password, how do I do it?


1 - No, just one password

2 - No it’s not possible.

3 - I’m not aware that there’s any way to do that. I would try to generate a new address leaving the password field empty. If that doesn’t work, you must have set one. If you can’t find it, then you’ll need to delete that wallet and restore from seed again.