Daedalus wallet spending password issue

Just moved my ADA from a Byron to Shelly wallet. I can’t delegate to a stakcepool because I’m getting incorrect spending password message. If somehow I can’t remember my spending password, is there a way to create a new one without having to creat a new wallet and move everything to that wallet?
Thank you so much for any help!

:thinking: from what i know going from byron shelly you are prompt to make a new spending pass phrase for your new wallet shelly(24word),did you maybe have put your old spending word in where,
they ask to make new spending w.iff stil not working i think start over again restore new shelly wallet again with 24words then make new
spending pass.pls you can also ask robjf one if the best forum members out here he know more then me😁

Hey @HillyGorelick

If you cant remember your spending password, you can simple delete your wallet and restore it again with your seed. When you restored your wallet you are able to choose a new password.



Hi Zyroxa,

I just need to confirm something please. Because it’s so easy to lose crypto making mistakes, I tried just now to restore the wallet, typing in a new wallet name and creating a spending password-without first deleting the original wallet with the spending password issue. The message “wallet already exists” came up, even though I was giving the wallet a new name ( I guess 24 word restore is the ultimate identifier.) I’ve tested the 24 word pass phrase and it was correct, but it’s still scary to delete the wallet, fearing that the restore wallet feature won’t work-saying “wallet already exists”, after I’ve already deleted it. Does what I’m saying make sense? Sorry to ask for more help but I’m sure you understand. Thank you in advance.

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thank you Salem:)

You can also try to restore your wallet in Yoroi.

thank you Zyroxa

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