Hi my Daedalus spending password has randomly updated itself however I have not updated it in the last 2years and it says updated 9month ago. Has anyone that has had this issue & able to still use their original password with no issues regardless of what it states? please let me know asap thank you

Perhaps 9 months ago u restored the wallet?
Did u checked the spending password and is not the same?
Isn’t 9 months ago shelley released (29 Jul) ?

yes I believe so and ive always had access to my Daedalus so never needed to restore it. I unfortunately lost my seed and I only have my spending password and my last hope is to of course keep trying. I suppose my real question is is it possible for my password to change as a result of the update or cause an error? if so I’m so fucked :frowning:

Nope, but u can check if the password changed…

Is this the first laptop/desktop? On this machine u had older byron daedalus wallet?
Perhaps u have the secret.key file … but u still will need the spending password

The spending password will not change automatically

okay at least that’s good to know and yes I have the older Byron wallet. the secret.key file is that something I would have been asked to write down along with my phrase or is this something else sorry if that’s a silly question I’m not techy

It’s a file which will help u to restore/import the wallet, but u will still need the spending pssword to move the funds

sorry where would I find this file ? and I have unlimited attempts to get the password correct so there’s no doubt ill get that

even without your seed phrase you can get into older versions without being asked for that?

Yes, it’s available this function since many people lost the seed words
so better to bkp this file/folder from ur old/byron wallet

if so would I not be able to bring back up an older version that does not have any pass on that version as I didn’t put a spending password straight away

if this works mate I will honestly give you 5k worth of ada !!

Im so scared to change anything until I got the password just incase I get locked out of this account

Come on! It’s free info
But u can’t install an old version of daedalus

U still need to find that spending password… u didn’t used a HW wallet right?

oh if you can’t get an older version I’m basically in the same position :frowning: but I guess I just have to do a process of elimination to get this password. no I didn’t use a hardware wallet

I was hoping if I can restore the wallet I could redo the spending password in that instance I would be very fortunate to not have to go through this headache

Yeah, u will need the 12 seed words … u can’t find it? Can’t rememeber where u stored?

If not u must think and try as many password u can…

for some strange reason I thought this would never happen to me and its happend ive lost the seed so I guess the best bet is to keep trying passwords… thank for your help really appreciate it

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Yeah, try combination with name+birthday/year, etc

Here are the requirments for password… maybe can help you