Imported secret.key from v1.0.3769 - spending password unknown


Yesterday I imported my wallet from an old hard drive using the secret.key. The import went ok and I can see my ADA, however I have no idea what my spending password is, or if I ever had one.

In my settings it says that Password was “last updated a day ago” which it was not (at no point of the import did I have to enter a password). It seems I will be stuck here without a spending password is that correct? It also seems that I won’t be able to re-import this wallet using a secret.key a second time (without having a pass phrase)? I am wondering if I should have ticked the “No Password” box when importing the wallet and setting one up?

Thanks in advance.

The only way to restore the spending password is by restore the wallet with seed words… which I believe u don’t have it…

If u can’t remember the spending password then u can’t move ur funds… I believe the secret.keys were encrypted with the spending password… so now in order to move ur funds u will need to know it

" If your wallet was protected with a spending password on the old version, you need to use the same spending password to be able to create transactions from this wallet."

Thanks for reaching out guys - I had given up, had my finger over the delete wallet button. Said I’ll have another go at the spending password. Spent a half an hour inputting every known password I’ve ever had in every combination, capitalised, not capitalised etc. Finally, boom, sent!
Thanks again for the help, will be more careful next time!

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Happy delegation!

If u are looking for a pool I am here :slight_smile: