Recovery question - how does import really work?

Hi there,

I’ve been having a hell of a time getting access to my account. Made an account when cardano was first around, and forgot about it til now. Unfortunately somehow misplaced my 12 words but I was able to use the import feature on the new Daedalus mainnet. Recovered the wallet, and wanted to send the ada to a new wallet with recovery words that I write down - for some reason the password I remember inputting an hour ago is not the right one and I am unable to send without it.

If I delete this wallet, will I again be able to import from the ealier version as I did this morning and retype a password?

No, the import process looked up at your old Daedalus’ %AppData%\Daedalus\Secret*|Wallet-1.0-acid folders. The secret key is imported was already encrypted with the spending password you used originally to access your wallet.

You were not prompted to enter/change to a new spending password during the import process. Thus, your only options to get access are either the 12 word seed or the spending password.

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