Don't have my Cardano Passphrase and they don't have import wallet on the new Daedalus

I lost my passphrase a wild back and I was using the import option to keep control of my Cardano. They don’t have that option anymore and now I’m freaking out because I have no way to access my Cardano. Just 3 months ago I was in the wallet looking at my Cardano but now I cant even sync the old wallet to transfer it out. I’m not sure what my options are now.


U used in the past import option and u didn’t create another new wallet in order to have new seed words? That is bad, now u must wait IOHK to release/develop again the import option… there is no ETA for the moment;


Yea, I know I really messed up and it sucks because this was going to help me to pay some bills. I guess my only option now is to wait until Cardano decides to add the option back. Thank you for the information.

What daedalus version do u use and what is the error?

it was Daedalus flight 3.0.0 and the node just kept crashing. It would not allow me to connect to my wallet.

Importing wallets – IOHK Support. I found this but then again this new version of the wallet does not have that feature.

For the moment import option is not available and there is no ETA