Can't access Wallet


Novice here so don’t shout at me too loudly.

About 3 years ago I purchased Cardano and transferred it to the Deadalus Wallet. I have since lost my 12 word password.

However, my Deadalus wallet is still on my computer but I can’t get it to load.

Is there any way of being able to recover/access my Cardano coin still?

Many thanks in advance!

Try updating the Daedalus. It should automatically update and if it does update you will be already signed in. There is a chance it will not auto-update and then you will need your recovery phrase.

Download the latest version of Daedalus 3.3.1 and u have a new option… import from file… u will be able to restore ur wallet with ur secret key from ur old wallet

Spending password is still needed to move ur funds


Is Daedalus Mainnet (3.3.1) different to Daedalus? Because I downloaded this… not quite sure what to do next? They are different programmes on my computer anyway!

U have a new option to restore ur wallet - go to add wallet - import from file-