Can't access my Wallet! :((


I have a version of Daedalus 0.11 Installed in to my PC. The date on the files inside Program Files/Dedalus mainnet is 2018. I updated to the newest version of Daedalus because it wouldn’t connect anymore and the folders inside Appdata/Roaming got replaced with new ones. The files inside program files are still from the previous version of 2018, so I still have everything there intact but the folder “Secrets” got replaced and there is only one secret.key file but it is from 2021! And I can’t restore my wallet from that!

I know my password, the one I chose but I was stupid enough to lose my backup words! (I have moved out 3 times since 2018). I also know my wallet address! I can see 1500 ada sitting right there :(( …)

Can i do anything having 1. My address 2. The password to the wallet with that address and 3. all the files expect the secret key? Can i recover the secret key somehow or open my wallet without it.

I think you will need the seed words

Did u tried with import function - and chose for option daedalus state folder?

When I try to import with that option the default is this: C:\Users\Mond\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus

But the Roaming folder has been replaced by new files…
Only in the program files are the original ones from 2018. :confused:

I just finished with a deep search, on lost and deleted files but nothing came up.
Will there ever be an option since I know the password that matches a specific (my) wallet to recover it without the seed?

I understand that all of this is my mistake… I didn’t take it that seriously back then.